Minimize Your Client’s Costs

to Act on Your Recommended  ETF Model Portfolios

    If You Provide Advice/Recommendations by Creating Model ETF Portfolios, ETF Engine is a Suite of Components that Will Produce the Lowest Cost Internet Based Service for Your Clients. 

     The ETF Engine Automates The Transition from Advice to Action and Streamlines the Process by Removing the Investor Effort (Friction) and Costs to Accomplish your Advice.


ETF Engine



ETF Engine

Provides Service Through the Internet to Allow Your Clients To easily Implement Suggested Advice

Allows Clients to Efficiently Act on your Advice Suggestions for their selected ETF Portfolios

Allows an Investor to Subscribe To Your Service and Chose to Take Immediately Action

Provides On going Support to Automatically Act on any Portfolio Changes Made by the Advisor

Streamlines and Simplifies Execution of Tax Efficient Trades Including Re-balancing

Creates Client Reports, Measures Performance and tracks Cost Basis

Allows Investors to Measure their Risk Profile to Aid in Selecting a Recommended Portfolio

Supported by a New Cloud based Custodial Platform that has processing efficiencies unmatched by legacy custodial clearing firms.

An Extremely Low Cost Service for Investors that will allow your firm to compete with current ‘Robo’ Advisors

The ETF Engine App:

Supports Products Created by Registered Investment Advisors and Companies that Supply Investment Recommendations using Model Portfolios comprised of ETF positions.

Is a suite of five software components which are available for ‘cloud’ based delivery via software as a service (SAAS). Customized solutions and implementations are provided to integrate with your existing infrastructure including a complete library of APIs (application programming interfaces) that allow smooth and easy integration.



Allows Advice Providers to Supply a New Service to Clients and Expand Their Market

Allows Advice Providers a Method to Increase Revenue for Its Services and Deepen Their Client Relationships


Allows Investors to Take Advantage of Low Cost ETF Portfolios and Implement Them Very Economically

Removes the ‘Friction’ between Advice and Action for Investors

May be Set Up as a Private Label Service for an Advisor  

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